Heavy Metal Soundfont 0.0.


Banjo: Didn't even know this place was still alive lol Sept 20, 2014 19:19:26 GMT -6
RehdBlob: Woah!! Banjo is here. Sept 21, 2014 19:17:17 GMT -6
Mr. Sub: It's nice see a few old faces coming back to visit hahah Sept 21, 2014 22:44:08 GMT -6
PopTart: Heyy it's Banjo! Hope all is going well man! :-D Sept 24, 2014 14:46:05 GMT -6
Banjo: Not bad, I skulk around from time to time. Still have millions of unfinished things, trying to do non-soundfont stuff and I'm pretty bad at it lol. Other than that, I started med school so even if I wanted time for this stuff I don't get it very much :P Oct 4, 2014 14:39:00 GMT -6
fullnintendo: Med school can be extremely demanding, so we (or at least I) understand. I wish you success in your studies. Also, I'm confident that your current original SF work cannot be bad (come on). Oct 5, 2014 19:47:57 GMT -6
fullnintendo: Birthday combo today with Carl and Mj. I hope that both of you had a good one. Oct 5, 2014 19:50:02 GMT -6 *
RehdBlob: I feel like I keep running into more things to do that keep impinging on my ability to work on MPC / SMP )= Oct 5, 2014 21:38:10 GMT -6
fullnintendo: Sometimes, you're (forcefully) trading one opportunity for another. In other times, sadly, "such is life". In both cases, any work you put towards MPC or SMP is appreciated. Plus, a delayed project isn't an abandoned project; there's always tomorrow. Oct 6, 2014 22:27:07 GMT -6
PopTart: Wow, incredibly admirable that you got into med school Banjo! :-D The lack of time is totally understandable. And I agree with FN, I'm sure your original soundfont stuff sounds just fine! Oct 8, 2014 11:35:45 GMT -6
Banjo: Well if I do ever finish, I have no way of recording now unless any of you felt like doing it! Right now I have Original soundfont versions of Peach's Birthday Cake (Mario Party 1), Horror Land (Mario Party 2) Oct 9, 2014 18:08:25 GMT -6
Banjo: And Gone Gone Gone by Philip Philips (redundant name?) with a custom. I've been working on this song for the better part of 6 months and I'm still only to the bridge, but the rest is just chorus after that. I just can't figure out te bridge acoustic chords Oct 9, 2014 18:10:06 GMT -6
fullnintendo: Banjo, I'm willing to record your arrangements when they're finished. I'm not the best option if you want excellent video quality, but my recordings should be fine. If you're interested (and ready), just message me on this board or on YouTube. Oct 9, 2014 23:20:39 GMT -6
fullnintendo: I almost forgot: there's also cynagen's Mario Paint Recorder. Check that in the Recording Corner board if you haven't yet. Oct 10, 2014 18:01:41 GMT -6
Banjo: Final Countdown just hit 1 million! #proudparent Oct 10, 2014 23:14:38 GMT -6
PopTart: Ooo man, congratulatons Banjo! :-O Oct 16, 2014 17:35:51 GMT -6
RehdBlob: Fairly sure I busted the GPU on my laptop; interesting things are going to follow.. Oct 17, 2014 17:54:01 GMT -6
RehdBlob: However, I'd be willing to record when I get things sorted out. Oct 18, 2014 0:26:31 GMT -6
RehdBlob: Hm, looks like my desktop records at 91FPS, as opposed to the laptop doing 70FPS. Oct 19, 2014 2:35:39 GMT -6
GuitarMaster72: and a random gm appears Oct 19, 2014 3:09:33 GMT -6