Hard Rock Soundfont Request


JohnFreeman: So when are you deleting your youtube vids tiger? Jul 3, 2015 20:41:04 GMT -6
RehdBlob: "Fun" stuff happened. Lots of thread moving. Jul 5, 2015 2:33:43 GMT -6
Koi: @rehd Ah, ok. No rush for it though. C: Jul 6, 2015 21:18:14 GMT -6
Platyz: i am now a face. i thought i was a cat. Jul 7, 2015 21:14:54 GMT -6
RehdBlob: That also got scrambled. Maybe we want to redefine rankings? Jul 7, 2015 21:22:51 GMT -6
debbie82: I have a problem. I logged onto the Mario Paint Hangout Forums as usual, but today, when I edit my profile and set the forums appearance to "Puke", all of a sudden I end up at the shoutbox and with no forums. Jul 10, 2015 10:02:20 GMT -6
debbie82: Even then, I can't create posts or edit them, or even set the forums appearance back to normal because I can't edit my profile. The only thing to make the forums return to normal is if I log out. Jul 10, 2015 10:02:43 GMT -6
debbie82: Have I been banned from the Mario Paint Hangout forums, though I have done nothing wrong? This makes me want to cry. :'( Jul 10, 2015 10:03:12 GMT -6
Platyz: mm, it was all working fine before it got shut down by some idiot, now it's just crap. Jul 10, 2015 16:58:02 GMT -6
Mr. Sub: I think that happened to other people. Rehd probably knows how to sort it out :P Jul 10, 2015 22:18:43 GMT -6
Platyz: i found out how to record myself, but not with tempos higher than 1400 Jul 11, 2015 1:50:03 GMT -6
RehdBlob: For now, don't use the "Puke" appearance; I'm still figuring things out. Jul 11, 2015 14:59:39 GMT -6
Platyz: Rehd, I'd still like you to record for me. Jul 12, 2015 13:48:15 GMT -6
Platyz: is rehd dead? he's been offline for over four days now. Jul 15, 2015 23:05:16 GMT -6
RehdBlob: Life has not been kind to me lately on scheduling. Jul 16, 2015 15:16:22 GMT -6
Platyz: k, i just n33d my r3c0rd1ng. i just h0p3 i will b3 p0pul4r aft3r it is upl04d3d Jul 17, 2015 1:26:22 GMT -6
RehdBlob: I'll see when I can do it but I'm really swamped right now Jul 17, 2015 19:05:34 GMT -6
Platyz: k Jul 17, 2015 19:25:50 GMT -6
Platyz: ... Jul 22, 2015 1:57:21 GMT -6
RehdBlob: As I said, I'm really swamped right now :P Jul 23, 2015 2:06:13 GMT -6